Here at Sterling Clutch & Brake, we hold an extensive range of specialised parts for all your brake & clutch requirements. We specialise in the “hard to get” parts. We can source components from overseas when needs require and are specialists in making and supplying components for brake pipes, brake/clutch hoses. Apart from our reconditioning program we have access to and extensive range of parts including hydraulic cylinders, shoes, drums, rotors, pads, repair kits, etc. We cater for vehicle from 1920’s to current models with that in mind with over 50 years in business we understand the needs and wants of our customers.

We have the following parts and services available:
  • • Flywheel Machining
  • • Commercial Wheel Cylinders
  • • Hydraulic Brake Kits and Seals
  • • Brake Boosters, Kits, and Seals
  • • Brake Hoses
  • • Disc Rotors
  • • Disc Pads
  • • Brake Shoes
  • • Brake Shoe Re-bonding
  • • Clutch Parts
  • • Brake Piping (Bundy tube, tube nuts etc)
  • • Disc and Drum machining
  • • CV Joints
  • • Brake Fluid (Super Heavy Duty, 500ml)
  • • Brake-clean Parts Cleaner
  • • Brake-clean Parts Cleaner