Car Pipe Making

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The manufacture of steel has improved a great deal. Different parts and areas of a car need different types of steel. Steel is the main materials in manufacturing door panels, the chassis of the car, and the support beams. It is also used in exhaust pipes and mufflers in the car.


Plastics used in car manufacturing are petroleum by-products (gas and oil). Plastics are challengers to steel because of their prominence in car manufacturing. They are malleable and still strong enough to hold the structure in shape.

Car Pipe Making

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Guaranteed exhaust repairs by friendly experienced tradesmen. Our modern workshops have the latest equipment plus a huge stock of quality exhaust products.We have a huge range of big bore exhaust systems for every need. We also stock New Zealand’s largest range of exhaust parts to complete any system.Your driving habits, the exhaust design, climate temperature, humidity and contact with salt are all reasons why mufflers rust and need replacing.


Car Pipe Making

See recommended services that are customized for your car, and much more. Managing your car’s health has never been easier. A car battery is an energy storage device.

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