Car Pipe Making Service

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Car Clutch & Brake Lines(Pipe) Making Service

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Car Brake Pipes

The brake pipe is a rigid (usually steel – which can corrode over time) pipe that transfers pressurised brake fluid from the master cylinder, where brake fluid is stored, to the brake hoses. A replacement of a small section of the brake pipe can be quite a quick job and you will usually have your car back within a couple of hours. On the other hand, it could take up to an entire day if you need all the brake pipes replaced. We recommend and use copper-nickel pipes, which are a strong compound and are easier to work with.

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Car Brake Lines

If one or more of the brake pipe fails/leaks in your car, the vehicle will not have brake pressure, and as a result will have inoperable brakes. A vehicle with inoperable brakes is obviously unsafe to drive, and should be serviced as soon as possible. Because brake lines (pipes) are a part of the vehicle’s braking system. It is strongly advised not to keep driving with a broken brake line. Even a small leak compromises the effectiveness of your brake system and creates a safety issue. Our technicians at Sterling Clutch & Brake are experts at making clutch and brake pipes.

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Car Pipe Making

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As Auckland’s leading clutch and brake specialist, our 6 bay workshop and industry qualified technicians have the skills and equipment to repair all brake system faults.


Car Pipe Making

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