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Car Brake Rotor & Drum Machining Services

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Brake Rotor Definition

A brake rotor is the metal disc that brake pads squeeze against to stop a moving vehicle. These components are only found in the automobiles that use disc brakes

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Brake Rotor Function

Brake rotors sit between the brake pads. Until you step on the brake pedal, the rotor remains free to spin and does so seamlessly when the vehicle is in motion. Brake rotors and pads work in conjunction

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Brake Rotor & Drum Machining

Offering a Wide Range Repair Services
We can skim your brake rotors and brake drums on site, same day.

As Auckland’s leading clutch and brake specialist, our 6 bay workshop and industry qualified technicians have the skills and equipment to repair all brake system faults.


Brake Rotors & Drum Machining

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