Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket intro Forgery proof Labels for Product Packaging

A new security label has been introduced by Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket to a wide range of product packaging for the Luk, INA, FAG, and Ruville brands. Due to several safety features on the article label, including a data-matrix code, now the company’s distribution partners and garages can check reliably whether the package they are holding is original from Aftermarket experts or a counterfeit. At present this new security solution is already being used for selected product groups and repair solution, it will be introduced to all Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket product packages and these will get this technology in a step by step process.

These new security measures are a part of the joint effort of the Manufacturers against Product Piracy (MAPP) initiative. In this initiative, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket and other well-known members of European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) have joined. The main goal of this initiative is that to make market players aware of the problem of the product and brand piracy, and to provide them with information how to clearly identify the original parts from the pirated. As per the coding proposal created by CLEPA, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is using the data-matrix code on its packaging of automotive products.Sterling Clutch & Brake Auckland Use Aftermarket parts with data metrics in all its repair work .

To ensure the clear identification of a multilevel security system consisting of a data-matrix code and an optical security feature is introduced. Special encryption prevents counterfeiters from creating valid codes of their own. By simply scanning the information on the product label using smartphone information can be automatically identified. In few seconds data is checked and the results are obtained.

Optical security markings on the article label provide additional protection against forgery. This security feature is similar to print on bank notes, and these have visible and concealed security features on them- and this has a resolution that’s five-time higher. Reliable information about the genuineness of the product is provided by a combination of security features, along with a clear link to the data stored in the data-matrix code.

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is setting an example to alleviate uncertainty in the market caused by product and market piracy, and to stop attempts to circulate dubious product before they get even started. Schaeffler is also conducting additional measures to provide the highest possible levels of security when purchasing and installing its products. This is the reason why Schaeffler is providing new security label on its products.Sterling Clutch & Brake Auckland is leading luk spare parts supplier in New zealand with security level .

All the Schaeffler products with new forgery-proof labels packaging are available with Sterling Clutch and Brake Auckland and its garages in other towns of New Zealand. You are assured to receive the genuine parts for repair of your clutch and other transmission parts for your vehicle.


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