How can we increase braking system performance?

Braking performance of your car can get affected by heat generated when the brakes are applied.  The reason to increase heat creation in a braking system is to generate added stopping power. A braking system works by converting the kinetic energy of a vehicle into heat through friction, so more heat means more friction and stopping power. This heat generated will affect the braking performance of your car.With the right brake setup, heat problems can be avoided to a greater extent and you can avoid the accidents of your vehicle on the road.

  1. Choose the right braking system components: While some brake rotors/pads produce a good amount of friction, but are very poor at dissipating the amount of heat produced in the braking system. This is due to the molecular structure of materials used in rotors and brake pads.

Which type of material you choose for the braking system components depends on your braking habits. In a racing vehicle the use of brake is more and here you need a higher grade parts to dissipate a higher amount of heat generated. Higher quality ceramic brakes and rotors parts dissipate a greater amount of heat then the ordinary brake and rotor parts. You can opt for advanced brake components for you car at Disk brake replacement service Auckland Call 09 636 4919 .

If you intend to indulge in street racing of your car then it is ideal to chose a brake rotor component set that has less material weight and higher surface area. This typical component set has a lesser overall heat capacity but a higher heat dissipation rate. The drilled and slotted rotors are a perfect choice.

  1. Right type of brake fluid: In high performance vehicles brake rotors heat up fast and pass their critical heat level, they begin to transfer this heat to the system brake fluid. When the brake fluid heats up-to a boiling point, the brake fluid viscosity decreases and causes alteration in the hydraulic braking system. This causes brake fade, or in other words it renders the braking system null and void. To avoid this you have to go for an up gradation of brake system and also choose a right brake fluid which has a higher boiling point.

Brake Components that can increase braking system heat bearing capacity

To avoid brake fade and other problems of heat related failure of braking system, you need to upgrades of following brake components that can withstand greater amount heat before affecting braking system performance.

Brake Rotor Materials: Use Ceramic, and Stainless Steel. At Rotor repair service Auckland Call 09 636 4919 you can upgrade your car rotor to high performance less heat generating rotor.

Brake Fluid: Avoid the brake fluid that have a higher affinity for water and can easily boil. Instead choose a brake fluid that has a higher boiling point.

Brake Rotor Mass : Rotors that have more thickness and diameter remains more cool and dissipate more heat.

Brake Pad Material: Ceramic pads will retain less heat and transfer more of it to the rotor. For high performance street cars use good quality semi metallic brake pads with a high performance cross drilled and slotted rotors.

Proper performance of Brake fluid ,Rotor, and brake pads is vital for the car’s safety. To avoid accidents and safety of other road users a regular service is necessary for all the components of braking systems of your car. For this you can visit Sterling Clutch and Brakes Auckland and know in detail about the regular service of your vehicle’s clutch and brake parts and also for replacement/up gradation to high performing parts. You can also contract through our website or call @09-636-4919. Our technical team is always ready to guide you and provide the best possible solutions for your car problems relating to clutch and brakes..

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