New LuK Clutch Kits for Gen 1 & Gen 2 VAG Dsg 7 speed gearboxes

LuK has introduced a new set of Special tools that are essentially required for the correct disassembly/assembly of the dry double clutch for the OAM transmission. Technically during disassembly of the transmission input shaft, the double clutch must be disconnected and then fitted again on the assembly. Moreover, there is an additional need for adjusting clutches K1 and K2 using washers.

The setting done during the process of disassembly/assembly is also to be checked by using special tools. Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket has developed a modular tool system for current and future dry LuK double clutch systems. The Vehicle specific VAG tool is used alongside with the general basic tool to complete the repair process.

LuK Clutch Kits for Gen 1 & Gen 2 VAG Dsg 7 speed gearboxes

The new LuK Clutch kits for repair are available with us. All the required components for the repairs are included with these Kits. No extra component need for the repair process. You are free to Enquire with us for Hire Prices of LuK Clutch Tools.

1st Generation Clutch Kit

All the components necessary to replace the Double Clutch transmission are included in the LuK RepSet ®2CT (Twin Clutch Technology). To eliminate the scope of repair required for the system, it is recommended that this system should be entirely replaced during the change of Double Clutch transmission.

No old part should be reused as a combination of used parts and new parts from the LuK RepSet 2CT is not permitted. This is done to eliminate any malfunctions that are caused by composite installation from the outset.

2nd Generation Clutch Kit

The LuK RepSet 2CT contents are crafted exactly to the spare parts that are required while replacing the 2nd generation double Clutch. The clutch kit includes newly redesigned engagement lever, all the necessary shims or graded spherical caps, besides the one-piece counter bearing for the perfect repair job.

The remaining parts of LuK RepSet are largely identical to the parts that are included in the 1st generation of 2CT. But the inter-changeability of components of both the kits is not possible as these systems are not compatible. We do not recommend any use of used parts and new parts from the LuK RepSet 2CT as this can cause malfunction of clutch and transmission components at a later stage and damage the complete new installed system.


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